Season 6 is the sixth and penultimate Season of Super Mario 64 Bloopers. It's unsure wether if the show will continue after this season. In a interview, the creators confirmed that "production of episodes may greatly decrease after this one, but other media will remain intact".

It was later confirmed neither Season 6 nor 7 would be the series finale, and Season 8 was later released.

  • Episode 235: Ain't Got Your Back - SMG3 and Trash team up to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, both with plans of betraying the other.
  • Episode 236: Partners in Time - Huh. So Coco was a whiny brat as a baby. Never knew. But anyway, some stuff happens and now they have to go back in time, blah blah blah. Hey, I have better things to do than write these descriptions!
  • Episode 237: Musical Night - Mario forms a band called the Spaghetti Retards.
  • Episode 238: Mad Piano - The Mad Piano, from Big Boo's Haunt, goes to the Mushroom Kingdom, and tricks everyone into thinking its a real piano.
  • Episode 239: Toad Gets A Job - Toad is hired to be a guard by Tubbie Wonka.
  • Episode 240: Princess for a day - Peach goes off on Holiday and makes Coco princess for a day.
  • Episode 241: Death - After quarrel with Mario in Isle Delfino, SMG4 knocks Mario off the belfry in rage. Mario lands on the ground and doesn't move. SMG4 attempts to revive Mario, but to do so, he must collect the Power Stars first.
  • Episode 242: Battle of the Hands - Master Hand and Crazy Hand hold a rap battle to see who's better.
  • Episode 243: Epic Fail - In order to win money in Total Fail Island, SMG4 pays OnyxKing and Mario to make fools of themselves.
  • Episode 244: The Mushroom Kingdom Documentary - After seeing the success of PS889's Sweetberry Beach Documentary, Coco makes one about the Mushroom Kingdom and asks Mario and co. to help.
  • Episode 245: The Wacky Wario Bros. The Girl Next Door - There's a rumor going around that the girl living in the mansion in Graveyard Grotto is a witch. Well, Wario ain't afraid of no witch! Until Ashley, the young witch, CURSES HIM. Time for a trip to find the antidote!
  • Episode 246: Mario and the Magic Lamp - When Mario, Luigi, and Crash find a magical lamp, they find out what the phrase "careful what you wish for" really means.
  • Episode 247: Friends Foe-ever - Coco hires Ashley to place a curse on the kingdom - no one will get along, and everyone will now be enemies. Is this a welcome blessing or a troubling curse?
  • Episode 248: Happy Home Derpsigner: The Destruction of Silver Pines - Someone is trying to stop production of the town Silver Pines. But who?
  • Episode 249: Faggot Emblem: SMG4's Dragon Fang - SMG4 gets bit by a weird something and gains the Dragon Fang power.
  • Episode 250: We Wish You A Retarded Christmas - Yay! Christmas! BUT WAIT! Coco has kidnapped Santa Claus and taken over his workshop as revenge for being put on the naughty list! Now, it's up to Mario, Luigi, SMG4, Crash, Peach, Steve, Alex, Kirby, Chris, Shy Guy, Toad, Bowser, Bowser Jr., PS889, and the unlikely ally Enzo to stop her and teach her the true joy of Christmas - being with the people you care about.
  • Episode 251: The Masked Meta Knight - The castle is robbed, but by who? Kirby goes to investigate, and meets someone he didn't even know existed.
  • Episode 252: Dark Guy - A black Shy Guy named Dark Guy wants to use Mario as a vessel for Shrine's spirit. Luigi and PS889 must stop him.
  • Episode 253: Faggot Emblem: The Power of One....Wand - When Mario finds Lucia the Fairy Godmother's magic wand, he takes it to the castle to try to make spaghetti.
  • Episode 254: Opposites Attract - The kind, sweet Prince Corris of Astro Valley falls in love with criminal on the run Mira. Mario and SMG4's matchmaking skills are put to the test in this episode as they try to help Corris and Mira connect.
  • Episode 255: Until Morning - As revenge for an incident from years ago that no one remembers, Coco puts on a mask and tries to torture everyone. But tonight, they all may get more than they bargained for.
  • Episode 256: Teach Me How To Cry - Some people seem perfect. And you want to become more than friends with them. It all seems perfect. But when you get to know them, the tears start coming. And they never stop.
  • Episode 257: Enzo's Half-Birthday - PS889 plans a special birthday party with heroes and villains alike for Enzo because his old birthday was ruined. The castle is equipped with a special detector to make sure that no uninvited guests come to crash the celebrations. No Mario's allowed!
  • Episode 258: Happy 2016! - A new year! A new year! What's going to come of the New Year Celebration? Amazing things are happening to everyone, as they have all gone through changes throughout 2015. Happy New Year!
  • Episode 259: What A Smashing Run - Can Mario, Luigi, SMG4, and Bowser Jr. escape the Smash Run labyrinth before Coco drops her missile on the castle?
  • Episode 260: I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS #%$@ - Title says it all. Well, okay, Mario quits, after giving a speech why working there sucks, and many follow. Can't be too big a loss...right?
  • Episode 261: The End of the Line? - Most of the cast has left the scene. The remaining - Kirby, Shy Guy, and Chris - fear it's the permanent finale of the season, or the series itself.
  • Episode 262: Money for the Greater Good - The show's production money is dangerously low, and crew members are beginning to quit. The cast (or what's left of it) try to raise money, but it's really not working. Just $1,000 could keep them in business...
  • Episode 263: How Much Longer? - Kirby has tried to keep a positive attitude, but he's forced to ask himself, "How much longer can we hold up?"
  • Episode 264: The Other End of the Spectrum - Let's switch gears a little for something more positive. How are the cast members who quit? Well, actually, things are going great for them. Let's take a look.
  • Episode 265: The Spiral of Doom - The chances of making a comeback get slimmer every day. Is it over?
  • Episode 266: Super Retard Bros. - A competing show? Great. Just what we need. Super Retard Bros. promised to be better than the SM64 Bloopers, and sadly, right now it's true.
  • Episode 267: Welp, Now We're A Reality Show - The whole crew except Lakitu has quit, and Chris gets the idea to turn the series into a reality show. Will it flourish?
  • Episode 268: Making Progress - The number of views have gone down a little, but they're steadily rising. Is this actually...working?
  • Episode 269: It Can't Be Over - Everything is falling apart, but Kirby refuses to believe it's over.
  • Episode 270: The Moving Pictures - SMG3 returns to the show and tries to save it by making a motion picture. Will the movie save it all ?
  • Episode 271: Adventure to the Real World: Using Iggy Koopa's dimensional rifter, Luigi and SMG3 go into the real world to find a vendee in order to get him to buy the show. However, the duo underestimates the dangers of Earth, the place where the two are merely the size of mice...
  • Episode 272: Wrath of the Emptor -  The cuprum who bought the rights over the show means danger; now that he's the CEO, he can make everyone do everything he wants, like helots. Only Mario can save him, but he refuses to return. Is this the end ?
  • Episode 273: Semi-Stop - The thing that everyone feared has happened - the show will be discontinued. Kirby tries to talk over YouTube in order to sponsor them.
  • Episode 274: The Cessation - Nothing has worked out well and show has come to a end. After Coco's terrifying death, the remaining cast decides to bring on one more show...


  • This season will have 40 episodes, and the final five will be based around the show crumbling to the ground.
    • It has been confirmed after Episode 40, no more episodes are produced; thus, the rumor that Season 6 was the last season was confirmed true.
      • The main reason for the series' curseace was due to the show losing popularity and viewership, and also due to the main creator deciding to move on and work on other projects; thus, the show could no longer be held up, and was thus cancelled.
  • It was confirmed, though, that despite the show's abolishment, comics and video games will still be made. Thus, the series hasn't truly ended. 
  • It has been speculated that the creator of fan-favorite Coco and PS889 may continue the series and write the final episode of this season.
    • Some fans believe this was confirmed by a strange trailer for something in which a previously unseen character walks up to Mario with a torch, who (Mario) is unconscious and wrapped in giant spiderwebs. The person holds up their torch to the webs and, as the screen fades to black, they start to burn. What is strange about this trailer is that is is animated fully, with no one using their models from SM64. Little is known about this person, but he/she has a bow that looks like the one Pit from Kid Icarus uses in Smash Bros., leading some to believe our unseen hero is Pit.
    • A trailer similar to the previous one was shown that involves some narration, but no one's faces are shown, and not many characters speak. This is what the narrator says: "100 years. The Mushroom Kingdom and all those who participated is cursed, and there they lie until the end of time. Unless the four heroes prophesied can find the Five Gems of Harmony, they will lie until the end of time. In a world where all life that still exists in your enemy, this quest is complicated. If they succeed and defeat the one who cursed the kingdom, all will be well. If they fail, then the Mushroom Kingdom will remain a ghost town, colder than winter...and the silence will ring..."
    • An official trailer for Season 7 was shown off recently, which included Pit, Dark Pit, and Palutena, thus confirming the rumors to be true.
  • Season 6 was the final season TheThomas5252 worked on before leaving the company in November 2015.
  • With the release of Season 8, the rumors of Season 6 or Season 7 being the last season of the series were disproven.
  • The Dvd Was Released On March 26th 2017

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