Season 8 is the eighth season of Super Mario 64 Bloopers.


  • Episode 295: Random Emblem: Sword in the Stone - A young prince sets out to find the dark blade Siegfried. Some day, he might be a legend. Right now, he's way in over his head...
  • Episode 296: Mario and the Missing Spaghetti - Mario must find the missing spaghetti.
  • Episode 297: Hearts to Break -
  • Episode 298: A Bright Idea -
  • Episode 299: Battle of the Books - 
  • Episode 300: Yandere: Til Death Do Us Part - Yandere-chan wants to get rid of her rival, so she hires Cleveland to do it.
  • Episode 301: Once Upon A Time - In a fairytale world, Sir Spaghetti (Mario) must save Princess Petunia (Peach) from the clutches of an evil wizard (SMG3).
  • Episode 302: To Be or Not To Be - To be or not to be? That is the question. When Cleveland and Shy Guy screw around with the time-space continuum, many characters cease to exist...
  • Episode 303: The Wacky Wario Bros. Waa Kingdom - Princess Peach is getting married to Prince Waakasu of the Waa Kingdom. The wedding is taking place at Waa Kingdom. But what's changed since Waluigi's exile?
  • Episode 304: My Miserable Life -
  • Episode 305: Long-lost brother - SMG3 finds out he's the younger twin brother of SMG4.
  • Episode 306: Fawful's Master Plan - When Fawful kidnaps Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, Pom Pom, the Koopalings and the Mini Bowsers, Bowser has no choice but to work together with Mario.
  • Episode 307: Alex Finds Love - Alex of Minecraft is in love with Steve - she just doesn't know it.
  • Episode 308: A Builder's Battle - It's a competition to win Best Build!
  • Episode 309: Riding On The Hype Train - Pokemon Sun and Moon HYPE! But some people aren't as excited as our heroes are...
  • Episode 310: Bowser's Favorite Child - The Koopalings and Bowser Jr. start fighting after Jr. claims he's Bowser's favorite.
  • Episode 311: Reality Kingdom - Alex starts a reality TV show and enlists Mario and SMG4 as the stars.
  • Episode 312: NOTICE ME SENPAI - Tails tries desperately to get Senpai to notice him.
  • Episode 313: Sonic the derphog: You're too fast! - After eating a Drug Mushroom, Sonic ends up going faster than usual!
  • Episode 314: Corruptions, Arguments, and Trolls - Mario gets corrupted by who-knows-who and starts destroying the kingdom.
  • Episode 315: Hostage Party - During Peach's birthday party, a magical foe takes everyone hostage.
  • Episode 316: Brainwashed to Bake Cakes - Surprise, Coco's alive! And our heroes realize it too late, as most of the kingdom gets brainwashed to turn people into cakes.
  • Episode 317: Random Emblem: Kana's Past - Kana, the daughter of Corrin and Selena, discovers a strange marking on her forehead; namely, the Brand of the Exalt. This means two things - one, Selena's parents were Cordelia and Chrom, and two, Kana is the heir to the Ylissean throne.
  • Episode 318: Random Emblem: The Retard and the Exalt - Mario meets Kana after accidentally going through a magical portal, and the two work together to fend off a Risen invasion.
  • Episode 319: Where's Mario? - Mario went missing! Aaaaaaaaand SMG4 is the one to go search him. There's only one hint our fat plumber dropped - he's somewhere in Sarasaland.
  • Episode 320: Whale of a Time - Our heroes go surfing, but a mystery villain plots to ruin it for everyone.
  • Episode 321: Awkward Family Reunion -
  • Episode 322: You Are Not The Father - Is Bowser really the father of the Koopalings, or is Bowser Jr. his only son?
  • Episode 323: Don't Let Me Down -
  • Episode 324: DerpTV: Crime Life - DerpTV starts a new series about criminals.
  • Episode 325: TubbieTV 3: What The Future Holds - The creators of the TubbieTV channel try to take over Season 8.
  • Episode 326: SMG3's past - The sad story of SMG3 and how he grew up to become a supervillain.
  • Episode 327: Retarded64: Matchmaker -
  • Episode 328: A Troubling Situation - Angel fears the Octarians want to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 329: The Amnesiac Runaway - A boy armed with a lightning sword is kidnapped and brought to the Mushroo Kingdom with no memory of who he is - or where he hails from.
  • Episode 330: Hyper Hippies - A drink company named Tepfa Co. launches a new energy drink called Yellow Cow, but it has bizzare effects on the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, making use of this, 7-Rinda launches a "safer", "better" energy drink called K, which, unknown to the kingdom, brainwashes all who drink it.
  • Episode 331: Fugu Freaks: Mario goes eating fugu, but the cook who cooks it fails to get all the poison out of it...
  • Episode 332: Lost Memories - As Peach attempts to find out who the mysterious boy with the Lightning sword is, our heroes learn of a golden well providing water that can restore memories. However, the journey there is long and harsh, and a familiar foe shows his face again...
  • Episode 333: The Great Canoe Race - Mario participates in the Great Canoe Race, but Yandere-chan threatens the safety of all participants by cheating.
  • Episode 334: Guards n' Retards: New Guard on the Block - A girl called Jane joins Chris and Swag as a guard (but not retard). Catch: She's a Koopa.
  • Episode 335: Heart-to-Heart -
  • Episode 336: The YouTube Virus - 
  • Episode 337: Revenge of the Ninja Nation - The Mushroom Kingdom gets flooded by a Greninja who's looking for a home.
  • Episode 338: Bojira - Giga Bowser terrorizes Mushroom City and Mario has to stop him.
  • Episode 339: Bad Times - Mario and SMG4 visit a run-down area of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 340: And They Lived Happily Ever After - Sir Spaghetti is tasked with defeating the evil dragon Yukke Bibinna (Bowser). However, it goes wrong when Yukke calls his seven children (the Koopalings) to assist him. (This episode is a follow-up to Once Upon a Time)
  • Episode 341: Jr. Shines -
  • Episode 342: The Super Mario 64 Halloween Special: Invasion of the Brain Parasites - (BTW i know currently it's not Halloween, but i just wanted to make one.) A race of brain parasites (in fact Munchers, the larves are Nipper Plants) invades the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, Pom Pom, the Mini Bowsers and the Koopalings all get infected. Kamek escapes, but realizes that SMG4, Peach, Toad and most other people have already been infected, except for Mario and Luigi...
  • Episode 343: Love is in the Air -
  • Episode 344 (Finale): A Yandere's Wrath - A miscommunication leads to Yandere-chan believing her Senpai has been kidnapped by the Mushroom Kingdom. This enrages her, so look out. Trust me, you really don't want to feel a Yandere's wrath.


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