Season 9 is the ninth season of the acclaimed Super Mario 64 Bloopers series. It premiered in June 2016 and is notable for expanding the cast even more; most notably, Wart and the 8 bits (Tryclyde, Mouser, Clawgrip, the army, Birdo, the Phantos, you get the idea) are introduced, functioning as the main antagonists of the last four episodes, the so-called "Wart Saga", in which the heroes fight Wart, who has succesfully taken control of Subcon and the Mushroom Kingdom.

And also... a big plot twist is about to follow...


  • Episode 345: Meme Overload - Perhaps the craziest episode of the season, Mario has to battle an army of "Meme Viruses" that are hacking SMG4's computer, including All your base are belong to us, It's OVER 9000 !, Weegee, Pingas, I Am Error, It's Dangerous to go Alone, Nice boat, Nyan Cat, Dopefish, Falcon Punch, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Don't touch my junk, Do a barrel roll, and more. Craziness ahead !
  • Episode 346: Supah Mario - After getting a bad reputation in the Mushroom Kingdom by eating Peach's game of chess (after thinking it was nougat), Mario tries to be a hero, but fails every time.
  • Episode 347: The New Superhero Movie ! In Theaters April 2019 - Wario-Man tries to do a lot of good deeds and fight crime so he can join the DA Margel Superhero Squad.
  • Episode 348: This Is Not An Advertention - The Ad Man returns for revenge on Mario, and tries to annoy him by placing ads all over Toad Town and Mushroom City.
  • Episode 349: Poké-Infestation - An invasive species is brought into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Episode 350: Donald Toad - Toad runs for president.
  • Episode 351: BOOM! Headshot - Mario plays a Call of Duty simulation.
  • Episode 352: Make A Wish - Mario finds a generous genie who will grant him as many wishes as he likes.
  • Episode 353: Natural Disaster - A tornado wrecks Mushroom Castle and Toad Town, and the residents must pick up the pieces and start from scratch.
  • Episode 354: Things! Explosions! Excitement! - Mario is brought in as a stunt double in an action movie.
  • Episode 355: CC7003 Plays Cupid - CameraCutie7003 finds Cupid's magic bow, and goofs around with it.
  • Episode 356: CC7003 VS. SMG4 - CC7003 and SMG4 have a blooper contest. Who will win?
  • Episode 357: Opening Dimensional Rifts For Dummies - Luigi finds a diamond that can open dimensional rifts, and contacts people from another dimension.
  • Episode 358: One Small Step For Mariokind - Mario and SMG4 travel to the moon, and meet Moon People.
  • Episode 359: An Intergalactic Uproar - Peach gets into conflict with a kingdom she didn't even know existed.
  • Episode 360: #ProudToBe - In a very special episode, one of the characters comes out in support for all of the LGBT community.
  • Episode 361: How To Suck At Everything - Mario tries some Pinterest projects.
  • Episode 362: Everybody Wins! - The folks at Solar Empire Games Inc. (a flailing game company) sets up an online motion-control race simulator that's impossible to lose.
  • Episode 364: Hey! Listen! - Frankie and Navi are trapped in King Isalic's Dungeon of Depression, and must make it out.
  • Episode 365: FNS (Fairy Navigation System) - Mario installs an FNS to his car to get to Peach's party, but the FNS proves to be even more annoying than he expects.
  • Episode 366: Be A Good Sport - Mario is salty about the time SMG4 bested him in the famous Mushroom Kingdom sport falling stars (we need a page for that sport!) and PS889 tries to talk him through it.
  • Episode 367 (Special): The World Championship - Mario's team goes toe-to-toe with other famous falling stars teams in the World Championship.
  • Episode 368: The Princess and the God-Annoying Toad - A glasses-wearing Toad is cursed with eternal annoyingness, and needs a kiss from a princess to stop being annoying.
  • Episode 369: Karoake Competition - CC7003 and SMG4 have a karaoke competition.
  • Episode 370: amiibo Adventures: Frankie and the Rare amiibo - Frankie finds an exceptionally rare amiibo, but other collectors catch wind of it. In an envy-fueled fight, the amiibo ends up in the hands of an unexpected person...
  • Episode 371: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!! - Bowser Jr. hosts a death battle. The winner gets more popularity. Say it's stupid, but it will certainly be painful for everyone involved!
  • Episode 372: It Feels Like A Party Every Day - Mario throws an epic party, but something goes wrong.
  • Episode 373: Ssenmodnar: Cuckoo-crazy shenanigans edition - The gang gets their hands on energy drinks and Drug Mushrooms, and it all goes downhill from there.
  • Episode 374: Sing With Me A Song - A pop star is going to perform at the Mushrom Concert Hall, but things go bad when one of her haters gets involved...
  • Episode 375: Stars of the Sea - Mario sneaks onto a boat, but the crew gets lost at sea.
  • Episode 376: Oh, Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea... - After going for a swim in Wet-Dry World, Mario finds a mysterious, submerged ghost town. He goes on investigation with his friends, but soon realizes it's literally a ghost town.
  • Episode 377: Happy Fireworks Day! - It's Fourth of July! Let's celebrate with a real BANG!
  • Episode 378: Mini-Mario - Mario, SMG4, Luigi, Kirby, and Bowser are all shrunk by a mysterious force.
  • Episode 379: MRIO - Mario visits a hypnotist who hypnotizes him out of his retardedness, and he soon becomes super intelligent. However, his friends aren't happy with the new Mario.
  • Episode 380: Welcome To The Underworld Part 1 - Mario accidentally ends up killing Toad, whose soul goes to the Underworld.
  • Episode 381: Welcome To The Underworld Part 2 - Since Mario was Toad's killer,he has to go rescue him...which is the second stupidest decision anyone in the Mushrolm Kingdom has ever made. The most? Next episode...
  • Episode 382: The Stupidest Deicison Ever - Something very important is gifted to Mario...
  • Episode 383: The Anime Virus - Mario is in love with an anime lady.
  • Episode 384: The Amnesiac Plumber - Mario gets amnesia, and is manipulated by Fawful.
  • Episode 385: I Like Trains - A derailed train is running over all of the mushroom kingdom! Le gasp!
  • Episode 386: Curiosity (almost) Killed the Mario - Mario does a science experiment...doesn't work out too wel. Conclusion: Don't let me Mario do science experiments!
  • Episode 387: Two Toads, One Pizza - Two Toads fight over the last pizza in the diner.
  • Episode 388: Dance Like You Know You Can - CC7003 and SMG4 have a dance-off. It turns into a bloodfest.
  • Episode 389: Think Fast - SMG4 chucks a rock at Mario, giving him permanent head injuries. Or are they permanent?
  • Episode 390: Karma Bites - Karma. Everyone suffers from it at some point. But every day a year, one cursed day in July, is Karma Day. Every bad deed you did up until that point will come back to bite you...stay sharp.
  • Episode 391: An Epic Ending - Mario and the rest of the gang celebrate a successful Season 9 and what is guaranteed to be an amazing Season 10, when an uninvited guest ruins the party...
  • Episode 392: All is Unfair in Love and War - Wart kicks up war with the Mushroom Kingdom. Who has the weakest military in the world. Uh oh.
  • Episode 393: Mario Gear: Operation A.S.S.A.S.I.N. - Mario, Luigi, SMG4, and PS889 are sent on a stealth kill the leader of one of Wart's troops.
  • Episode 394: Hostage Party 2.0 - CC7003 and SMG4 finally make amends, but Frankie and Navi are being held hostage. Our heroes go to rescue them, but one of them will never set the light of day..
  • Episode 395 (Finale): Left 4 Mario - After Frankie's death, our heroes are ready to end this war and put Wart down for good. However, a mysterious Hunter from Left 4 Dead is convinced that the Mushroom Kingdom betrayed him, and that the 8-bits were the source of all his problems. So now, there's a zombie apocalypse, and the two warring nations are forced to band together to survive, and find out why this Hunter has it out for them...


  • The Dvd Was Released On March 29th 2017

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