Announcer: Get ready for an epic Season 9! This season includes things, explosions, and excitement! Meet all new retarded characters!


Navi: Hey! Listen!

???: ...

Announcer: See new things like a sorceress who can mind-control others!

Mario: I. Do. Not. Like. Spaghetti.


Announcer: A death battle to become more popular!

Bowser: I'm spying on you, Ma- OW! WHO SHOT AN ARROW AT MY BUTT!

Announcer: And cute anime girls in sparkly leotards!

Mario: You see those girls? How anime they are? We have to have them at all costs.

Announcer: But the Big Bang of the series is...which one of these retards is going? To? Die?

Everyone: (screams)

Announcer: Find out in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Season 9!

(the camera starts panning over to a boy in a hoodie)

Announcer: Wait. Who are you? You aren't supposed to be here.

(the camera gets closer to his hood)

Announcer: I'm serious, we'll have to call your parents.

(the boy slowly turns around, the top half of his face obscured by the shadows of his hood)

Announcer: You're being scary, stop it.

(then, underneath the shadows, two glowing, angry orange eyes appeared)

Announcer: Oh dear

(the screen fades to black as the words "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Season 9" appear)

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