Shy Guy's Summer Vacation is an upcoming 1 Hour SM64 bloopers special. It will be released sometime after The Super Mario 64 Movie: Legend of the Star Spirits. Plot - It's summertime and Shy Guy and his friends take a vacation at the Beach in Florida to have lots of fun. Meanwhile, Bowser goes to the Florida Beach on his own and ruin all of the fun for Shy Guy and his friends.


More characters will be added once they're confirmed to appear.


  • In Japan, this special is titled "Shy Guy and the Florida Beach".
  • References to Legend of Steve, Wiggler Movies In and Birthday freakout are made.
  • A deleted scene shows Toad in the frontyard of Princess Peach's Castle instead of Luigi.
  • This is the first appearance of the Star Spirits since The Super Mario 64 Movie: Legend of the Star Spirits.

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