Tubbie Wonka

Tubbie Wonka


Shy Guy and the Toast Factory is the second episode of SM64 Bloopers. In this episode, Shy Guy goes to the Toast Factory only to find Tubbie Wonka being the managing director there. Meanwhile, SMG3 and an ensemble of scoundrels try to overthrow the heroes. Shy Guy calls all of his friends and so the warfare begins...


(*=First Appearance/Debut)


  • This blooper has the second most characters of the entire series, the third most being Smg3's Plan to destroy Smg4 cause He felt like it (which really exists) and the most of all is The Super Mario 64 Movie: Legend of the Star Spirits.
  • This blooper actually takes place after The Super Mario 64 Movie: Legend of the Star Spirits because Jul appears as a Mushroom Kingdom resident yet he first moved into the Mushroom Kingdom in The Super Mario 64 Movie: Legend of the Star Spirits.
  • The name of the blooper is a reference to the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Some Pokemon make cameos on this blooper.
  • Steve's Cooking Crap Shop from Cooking with Bowser and Mario reappears.
  • Shy Guy is the main character in this blooper.
  • John and John Geyham caused much confusion because of sharing their first name.
  • This is to date the only appearance of Resetti.
    • Resetti is a character from Animal Crossing who appears whenever you hit the reset button or quit your game without saving.
  • The title of the special is a reference to "Retarded64: Mario and the retarded spaghetti factory".
  • The Toast Factory is the second factory owned by Tubbie Wonka. The first was the Spaghetti Factory.
  • This is the first appearance of all characters, except Yoshi and Sonic the Hedgehog (who appeared in The Preface).
  • The episode is reissued in a special collector's DVD.