Shy spooky

Shy Spooky is a evil Shy Guy, he hates Shy Guys and nice/good people and toast.

Shy Spooky appeared in many bloopers, most of them annoying Shy Guy and stealing his toast. Shy Spooky also hijacked Peach in one blooper, which is something Bowser would do.

History in Games


He's a boss in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame and Glitchy's Adventure .

He have a full set of magic and powers, being able to warp, use a Sword Rain, a flame wall, and more. He appears as a boss in Glitchy's Adventure, and you have to fight with him 2 times. He is the 4th boss in the first time you fight him, and he is the penultimate boss in the second time you fight him. The first time, he runs away when his HP gets to 1500, so he won't be defeated. In his first battle, Peach is there. His second is considered the hardest, since Shy Spooky steals 790 of your HP (makes 99,5%). This makes the battle unique, and hard. The only way to defeat him without dying in a single hit is using a 'Lazy Shell' Armor (NOT WEAPON)

The penultimate battle of the game, (rematch with Shy Spooky) is located in SMG3's Factory.

Unexpected Return

Shy Spooky reappears in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame, as a rather weak mid-boss.

Shy Spooky hinders the progress of the player in the first stage of SMG3's Tower by throwing Shy Guy Ghosts, Polterguys and Ghoul Guys to the floor, which than wander around. At certain locations, he makes doors switch places, locks 'em or makes them disappear. They must then be brought back or re-opened. At the end of the level, Shy Spooky is seen facing away from the player. The player must then make their character jump on his head (while avoiding Polterguys, Ghoul Guys and Beezo's). Shy Spooky then starts spinning and rolling while floating, then fades out while rolling backwards in a random direction. This implies his death.


  • Shy Spooky, Sergeant Guy and The Shy Guy Jaeger are the only evil Shy Guy character in the entire blooper franchise, if one does not count Shy Guy while turned into OC Shy Guy or Desperation Shy Guy.
Shy Spooky 2nd battle03:25

Shy Spooky 2nd battle

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