Slick Lizardman

Slick Lizardman's Profile Picture

"Never mess with the Lizardman!"

- Slick's catchphrase

Slick Lizardman is a OC character created by MCstranokevin93,the leader of "Mighty Guardians Of World" and the main character of "MGOW Bloopers" series and befriended with SMG4,Mario and other people of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Slick is altruist,calm,smarter and friendly (mostly with SMG4). Slick helps everyone who's in danger. When Mario do stupid things he get mad and spank him.


Slick fights with martial arts,possesses a healing factor and the power of the magic disguises with different powers and fighting style:

  • Cowboy (Can shoot with 2 guns)
  • Ant (increase his smartness and minimize his size)
  • Fear Monster (Can scare the enemies and scratch with his monster claws)
  • Clown Fish (Can breathe underwater)
  • Powerline (Increase his Strength)
  • Speedy Bit (Increase his speed)
  • Gourmet (Became an excellent cook)
  • Robot (Can manipulate lightnings,magnetism and technologies)
  • Flying Grandpa (Can fly... nuff said)
  • Archer (Became an excellent archer/sniper)
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