Smash Kandicoot is the main villain of Crash Kandicoot's bloopers. In his first appearence, he used a disguise of the "Purple Devil" (which was from a horror story Toad told to Luigi)

As Smash Kandicoot

Smash Kandicoot is Crash Kandicoot's brother. He has the same powers as CK's, and a few other ones. He replaced Trash Kandicoot as main villain, and, if compared, his colors are Crash Kandicoot's colors (but darker)

As Purple Devil

Purple Devil is still Smash Kandicoot in disguise, he probably heard Toad's story and disguised as him to scare them, and possibly destroy everything. (unknown how he heard the story) Until Crash Kandicoot came and revealed who Purple Devl was.

Purple monster

Purple Devil

Smash Kandicoot
Main Villain
Gender male
Species human
Main Weapon(s) change current time, cause natural disasters
Current Status(es) alive
Main Ability/ies teleport, steal powers, other
Alias(es) evil

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