SonicFan13 is a fan of MarioMario54321, and other Sm64 machinimists, including Supermarioglitchy4. So far on YouTube, he has not uploaded anything, but he will create one soon. So far he has appeared in the KS Movie: Prolouge as a main character. The KS Movie is made by LuigiLuigi573, DylanDylan54321 and other KS members, along with GSF Machinimists, while KS Movie: Prolouge was made by DylanDylan54321. DylanDylan54321 is currently helping him to find a spot in the KS Movie.


  • MarioFan7070
  • FreezeFlame22
  • DeathRocket4990
  • EmigaRaptor
  • Kiddy Stoppers
  • BedrockPerson
  • SonicFan54321
  • SuperEmiga (formerly disliked until "Ware war")


  •  Starman3 (not really, just pedophilic)
  • NafCinos31
  • Kiddy-the-dragon
  • Princess Shroob

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