SuperBowserGlitchyKing is the final boss of Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame, fought in Heinous HQ . It's Bowser and SuperMarioGlitchy3 combined.


(though there's no image of it yet)

SBGK (abbreviation) looks like Bowser, but with a indigo hat. SuperBowserGlitchyKing's eyes are blanco (like Herobrine from Minecraft). SuperBowserGlitchyKing's tail is green with black skewers on it. SuperBowserGlitchyKing's paws are purple and his tummy is still like the original, but with a little bit darker tint.


SuperBowserGitchyKing barely attacks, rather trying to run away, since his tail is his weak spot. Mario must kick his tail to scatter SuperBowserGlitchyKing, disjoining the two. If this happens, both will fight alone. Bowser will fly around the platform and throw Spike Bombs to Mario (which are actually the bombs Bowser must be thrown to when fighting him in the orginal Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS). SMG3 will use psyhic, shooting lurid purple energy orbs. Occasionally, SMG3 will fire a giant, pink energy beam at Mario. Mario can kick the Spike Bombs back to Bowser (the explosion causes Bowser to fall on the platform) but Mario must watch out to not get squashed by Bowser, since if the latter lands on Mario, the latter will lose a life instantly. Mario must damage Bowser and SMG3 as much as possible, since after a while, they form SBGK again. Now and again (after half of their HP is depleted) SuperBowserGlitchyKing will swing his tail around the platform. Now and then (when even more HP is depleted), SuperBowserGlitchyKing will spit dark purple, vitriolic, venomous paraffin oil at Mario. Upon defeat, SuperBowserGlitchyKing splits in half. Both halves kindle, and Bowser and SMG3 are thrown in the air, and eventually land on the platform. Bowser slides off the platform and falls to his doom (but survives). SMG3 tries to run away, but Mario throws Rocks at him. SMG3 eventually gets hit by Rocks and faints.


  • Out of all bosses in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame who have two phases, SuperBowserGlitchyKing is the only one to not attack in the first phase.
    • He's also the only boss who can only be fought by Mario.