Pizza Attack
Episode Number 1
Airing Date(s)
January 1,2013
Writer(s) AngrydroidForce99
Basic Plot
SMG3 wants to bomb the Mushroom Kingdom with deadly pizza.
Runtime 8 minutes
Episode Kind Normal
Following Episode Super Mario 64 Bloopers: If Mario was in... ...Terraria

Hey you,BOOM! Lol,you got bombed.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Pizza Attack is the first blooper made by AngrydroidForce99.


The episode starts with The Imperial March from Star Wars playing while SMG3 is on a blimp flying over to Bowser's castle. He proceeds to throw a pizza at it.

3 hours earlier

SMG3 is in his evil lair putting an explosive pickle into a pizza. He then tests it on some Dry Bones. He makes tons more,but the production is halted when a ton of Toads armed with machine guns storm the lair,so SMG3 flys out and bombs all the Toads.

3 hours later

It shows Mario scaring away customers by shoving Wario's bottom in their faces. The last one is blown right out of the store because Wario farted in their face. Which blows up the store.

The scene goes to a place called "Teh Trollish Cafe of the Mushroom Kingdom". It shows Steve holding Wario. Fateful busts in and mind controls Wario,but he is stopped when the cafe is bombed by SMG3.

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