Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame
SM64b VG Wii U
Wii U boxart.
Developer(s) Withersoul 235

Luke Lerdwichagul

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Playstation Network

Wii U (planned)

Genre(s) Action



Multiplayer (cooperate)
Multiplayer (compete)
Online Multiplayer

Belgium: PEGI 12+

America: Everyone 10+

Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Successor Super Mario 64 Bloopers II: SMG3's back

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame is a computer game released for PlayStation 4. A Wii U release is planned.


Mario and Luigi decide to go on vacation. But then Bowser, Smg3 and their henchmen screw up everything. Shy Guy, Smg4 and friends (including all Blooper Machinimists) try to stop Bowser, Smg3 and their minions.

After defeating Bowser and SuperMarioGlitchy3 in SMG3's Tower, they flee to Heinous HQ (only if all Power Stars are collected). Soon, Mario and Luigi call telling them they're on their way back from vacation and the heroes decide to have a Welcome Home! party at the castle for the Mario Bros. After completing SMG3's Tower, Mario and Luigi are unlocked and become playable. In Heinous HQ  SMG3 and Bowser mix and form SuperBowserGlitchyKing*, but were eventually prostrate.

(*In Japan, Bowser is known as "King Koopa")


Bad Ending (If not all of the Power Stars are collected)

Mario and Luigi come back home, but have no Welcome Home! fete because Shy Guy and others forgot about it. A joyless, sombre ending plays. Then, a message appears saying "Try to find all Power Stars !".

Normal Ending (If all of the Power Stars are collected)

Mario and Luigi come back home and have a Welcome Home! beano. But then SMG3 and Bowser appear, elope with* Chris , Toad and Toadette and flee to Heinous HQ. Mario (who does not notice Crash Kandicoot following him) goes to Heinous HQ.

Good Ending (After defeating SuperBowserGlitchyKing)

Bowser is slammed off the platform and SMG3 is knocked down. Mario and Crash save Chris, Toad and Toadette and continue enjoying their Welcome Home! feast.


Playable Characters




Beta Elements

Boss Rush

After beating the game and unlocking Mario and Luigi, you get to play Boss Rush where you have to fight all of the boss battles without stopping. You also have to beat this at least once to unlock Kirby.