These are objects that were originally going to be in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame, but were removed or unused for various reasons.

Unused Levels

Neo Kortex's Castle A level which technically is used, but is centered around Neo Cortex's castle. Mario finally finds a way to get into Neo Kortex's castle. It is unused because the door is locked, thus making it impossible to get in.

SMGDJ's Boutique Well, this is not exactly a level, but SMGDJ's Boutique was meant to be an explorable level with a boss fight. Ultimately, it was turned in a store where the Player(s) can trade with Spaghetti and/or Toast and where the Player(s) can buy extra's and goodies with Coins as well. Looking in the game's files or using a debug camera with an Action Replay code, the player can see that the rest of the level still exists behind the shop facade, but is never seen in actual gameplay. The player can explore the level using an Action Replay code, but there are no enemies and no boss fights.

Emiga-Emiga The name of this level implies this was a test level. You play as SuperEmiga and EmigasFist, but there are a lot of bugs which often crash the game. There is also a boss fight that crashes the game when it begins.

Diddy Kong's Speedway Diddy Kong was originally going to have a speedway available for the characters to use. They would race in the track and try to collect coins as a minigame, but the level was scrapped due to time constraints. It can still be seen in a piece of concept art, and with a model viewer via an Action Replay code. The track seems to have the shape of Diddy Kong himself. In an European SM64 Bloopers magazine, however, info was leaked that the level is going to be used in the upcoming third game in the series.

Unused Characters

  • Wario was orginally going to be playable in the game but was cancelled. The same happened with the Wario Simulator level in the Mario Simulator Mode. Eventually, however, he was added into the game as DLC.
  • King Bob-Omb was meant to be playable. However, he was removed. His model still exists in the game's files, and can be brought into gameplay with an Action Replay code. Unlike Pinkie Pie below, however, King Bob-omb has an actual animation that he uses, but still crashes the game if the player touches him. Eventually, he was revealed to be planned for the third game.
  • Pinkie Pie was meant to be an unlockable character who could be unlocked by collecting all the keys. However, she was removed due to time constraints. Her model still exists in the game's files, though, and can be brought into gameplay via an Action Replay code. Depsite this, her model is inactive and stuck in a T-pose, and crashes the game if the player touches her.

Unused Voice Clips/Text Boxes

  • SMG4: And what is that?

Unknown use.

  • ???: Help, everybody is dead, Mario is dead, help! SMG3 won, he finally won!

Possibly used when finishing story mode with a bad guy. It would show up in the credits.

  • Mario: Where's the swag?

When Mario finds Tubby Wonka.

  • Neo Kortex: Stop running away like a sissy!

When finishing the Neo Kortex chase level. In the final game, Neo Kortex doesn't say anything when it's finished.

  • SMG3: I'm going to kill everyone! Bow before your new master, or prepare to suffer!

Right before the final boss fight. In the final game, SMG3 only says "Prepare to suffer!".

Unused Enemies

NOTE: After a brief discussion, the unused enemies are now planned to be implemented into the third installment of the series.

Unused Enemies

Red Koopa: In a screenshot from a Canadian magazine, a Red Koopa can be seen. He never appears in the game and is not functional at all, even if the player brings him into gameplay via an Action Replay code.

Blue Bull: In a very early screenshot from a German gaming magazine, a Bully called Blue Bull (that could possibly be a reference to Chilly Bully from SM64) appears. He is never shown in actual gameplay, but there is concept art that exists of him.

Ice Kong: In an Australian Nintendo magazine, what appears to be an ice-covered Kong can be seen in a screenshot showing the Ice Caves. This enemy greatly resembles Eddie the Mean Old Yeti from the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, but without the hat that Eddie wears. He can be seen in some concept art, as well.