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Controls for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame.



  • Circle Pad: Move
  • +Control Pad (Up): Special Ability (depending on character)
  • +Control Pad (Down): Guard
  • +Control Pad (Down) + Circle Pad: Dodge/Roll/Cup Roll
  • +Control Pad (Left): Evade/Fight Shy Of
  • +Control Pad (Right): Attack (depending on character)
  • Y Button: Hare Away/Avoid Homing Attacks
  • X Button: Jump
  • A Button: Rotate Camera


  • +Control Pad (Up): Hack Computers
  • +Control Pad (Right): Shoot fire 
    Smg4 Fire Attack

    SMG4's Fire Attack


  • +Control Pad (Up): Oviposit (eggs will release boosters and items)
  • +Control Pad (Up) + Press and hold +Control Pad (Right) + Circle Pad: Aim
  • Aim + Let go +Control Pad (Right): Throw eggs
  • +Control Pad (Right): Breathe fire

Shy Guy

  • +Control Pad (Up): Shoot Toast at enemies with the Toast Rifle
  • +Control Pad (Right): Hammerblows (with a Toast About-Sledge)


Super Ground Pound

Crash Kandicoot using his Super Ground Pound combined with his Star Attack in Heinous HQ.

  • +Control Pad (Up): Call Power of the Stars and become invicible
  • +Control Pad (Right): Throw Power Stars

Crash Kandicoot

  • +Control Pad (Up): Hurl Out Stars
  • Rotate Contral Pad + Y Button: Spin
  • X Button + Y Button: Super Ground Pound