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Good guys

Bad guys

  • SuperEmiga
  • EmigasFist
  • EmigaRaptor
  • SuperMarioGlitchy3
  • Crazy Toilet Dude
  • Crazy Japanese Guy
  • Bot
  • Asian
  • John Geyham
  • CandyCao7
  • OiramOiram12345 X
  • The Imposter
  • SMG1
  • Barbie
  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Teletubbies
  • Big Boo
  • King Boo
  • Chief Chilly
  • Chill Bully
  • Boss Bully
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Chica
  • Bonnie
  • Foxy
  • DragonSoul532
  • Marx
  • Iqiul
  • Evil Mario
  • Dark Star X9
  • Neo Kortex


Good guys

  • Mario (unlockable after beating the game)
  • Luigi (unlockable after beating the game)
  • Chris (unlockable after beating the game)
  • Your Mii (unlockable after beating the game)
  • SpongeBob (unlockable by collecting all keys)
  • Rainbow Dash (unlockable by collecting all keys)
  • Donkey Kong (downloadable content)
  • Kirby (unlockable after beating the Boss Rush)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (unlockable after beating The TRUE Arena)
  • Tails (needs to be purchased in SMGDJ's Boutique)
  • Y (needs to be purchased in SMGDJ's Boutique)
  • Chunkylover53 (unlockable after getting the good ending 5 times)
  • Wingmario53 (unlockable after getting the normal ending 7 times)
  • Zeus KrAZy (unlockable after getting the bad ending 10 times)
  • TheGoldenSH 64 (unlockable after speaking to every NPC in the game)
  • GlitchyMario64 (unlockable after dating every character in the game)
  • KupaGlitch65 (unlockable after befriending every meme in the game)
  • Keeby (unlocked by completing the game in Quite Difficult Mode)
  • Supers250 (unlocked by beating the game in every file)
  • Chain Chomp (downloadable content)
  • Hagrid (downloadable content)
  • Shrek (downloadable content)

Bad guys

  • Xario (needs to be purchased in SMGDJ's Boutique)
  • Yuigi (unlocked after beating the game in Quite Difficult Mode)
  • EmigaRaptor/Zenon the Raptor (unlocked after beating The TRUE Arena)
  • Oiram (unlocked after completing the game in less than 3 months, if this fails, he'll become avalaible in SMGDJ's Boutique but is very expensive)
  • Cookie King (unlocked after beating the Boss Rush)
  • Kiddy-the-dragon (unlocked after buying everything in SMGDJ's Boutique)
  • Mr. Mx2 (unlocked after beating the game)
  • Puppet (unlocked after beating the game with Freddy Fazbear)
  • Purple Guy (unlocked after beating the game with Puppet)
  • Mewtwo (downloadable content)
  • Sans The Skeleton (unlockable after getting the 'dirty hacker' ending)

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