Intro of the SM64 movie00:48

Intro of the SM64 movie

The Super Mario 64 Movie FNHSDBFby Crash Kandicoot, currently, no release date was announced.


No exact plot was announced, but some information was released;

Mario, SMG4, Smash Kandicoot, Crash Kandicoot and Neo Kortex have to collect 5 special "objects" in time, and while they don't have it, "Crazy stuff" start happening. They have to get the objects before a grand event on the Mushroom Kingdoom starts.


  • Mario
  • Crash Kandicoot
  • SMG4
  • Trash Kandicoot
  • Smash Kandicoot
  • Neo Kortex
  • Dyo Garama
  • Bill Cipher
  • Myss Terri
  • Four Four

More to be announced.

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