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Super Smash Bloopers
Super Smash Bloopers
Joke poster with Weegees.
Developer(s) Marx422
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Fighting

Online Multiplayer
Multiplayer Co-Op

PEGI: 12+


Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers

Super Smash Bloopers is a fighting game. It contains characters from SM64 Bloopers.It's released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Just like all other SM64B games, it's not released in Japan (safe for one).


Bold denotes unlockable characters, italics denote characters that have to be purchased and bold and italics denote downloadable characters. Characters can also have custom special moves, this are marked after a "/". Emphasized characters have to be downloaded by persons who own two versions of the game, like Mewtwo from SSB4.

Image Name Special Moves Final Smash

Neutral special: Fast Fireball/Fire Orb

Side special: Slide

Up special: Wing Cap

Down special: Crouch Kick

Wing Cap Bash

Neutral special: Ice Ball

Side special: Green Missle Somersault

Up special: Fire Jump Punch

Down special: Poltergust 5000/Poltergust 3000

Negative Zone
Crash Kandicoot
Crash Kandicoot

Neutral special: Charge Impulse

Side special: Somersault Jump

Up special: Super Jump Punch

Down special: Shockwave

Super Ground Pound
Shy Guy Staring Contest
Shy Guy

Neutral special: Toast Hammer

Side special: Toast Rifle

Up special: Fly

Down special: Fire

Toast Fairy
MarioMario54321 unconfirmed MarioMario54321 X
Starman3 unconfirmed Power Star Power
Jul unfconfirmed unconfirmed
Astall unconfirmed unconfirmed

Neutral special: Fire Shot/Fire Roar*

Side special: Dash Slam/Koopa Klaw/Sliding Fortress*

Up special: Flying Fortress/Turbulent Slip Bomb

Down special: Spike Bomb Throw/Dash Slash*

(*has to be purchased)

Chris Lee unconfirmed unconfirmed
SMG3 SM128

Neutral special: Blast

Side special: Lee Board Slash

Up special: Magma Jump

Down special: Fire Arm

Dark Effect Void
Smg4 Fire Attack

Neutral special: Blooper/Classic Video

Side special: Processor Field

Up special: unconfirmed

Down special: Fire Attack (see image)/Hackgame*

(*has to be unlocked)

YouTube Subscriber Assault 

Shy BG rangers
Shy BG Rangers unconfirmed Team Attack
TheThomas5252 unconfirmed unconfirmed
Mario, SMG4, Toad, Teletubbie, Old Man, Wario, Waluigi, Dr. Robotnik and Shy Guy

Waluigi can be seen at the upper left.

Waluigi unconfirmed Money Mayhem
Trash Kandicoot unconfirmed unconfirmed
DragonSoul532 unconfirmed unconfirmed
FightingMario54321 on Princess Peach's castle
FightingMario54321 unconfirmed unconfirmed

MCGustavo, YoshiTubbie WonkaSwagTubbie, Ruffman8890 and Crazy Japanese Guy are planned to be added in a future update.


Confirmed stages are: Castle Grounds, Battle Fort, Whomp's Fortress, Bowser's Lair I, Bowser's Lair II, Bowser's Lair III, Cookie Fortress, Rainbow Ride, Tick Tock Clock, Wing Mario over the Rainbow, Princess' Secret Slide, Shifting Sand Land, The Borough, Heinous HQMushroom Kingdom, Peach's Castle 64, Castle Roof, Mushroom Kingdom II (from SSBM), Final Destination, Peach's Castle Indoors, SMG3's Evil Villains Meeting, Fan's House and The Jail. More are confirmed to be added in a future update.

Game Modes

  • Pitched Battle: The game's main fighting mode. Once selected, the player can choose this options:
    • Stamina Mode: All of the opponent's/opponents' HP must be depleted. Can be set from 1 HP to 999 HP.
    • Special Bash: The player can customize the rules like they want, e.g 300% Smash, the new 999% + Bob-omb Rain, Flowers/Bunny Hoods on heads, Stock matches, Timed matches, Coin battles, Star Brawls, No Item Melee, Team Battles, Handicap, Customized fighters, etc...
  • Online: Connect to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network to play online battles with persons from over the whole planet, watch battles as spectator, gamble who's going to win fights, chat, etc...
  • Particular Modes: From here, the Player can select the following game modes:
    • Classic: Choose your own path to fight other characters and ultimately Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Master Core (only on Intensity 9.2 and up).
    • All-Star: Here, the Player can select two kinds of All-Star:
      • All-Star Reverse: Here, the Player fights all the starter fighters from recent to old, like SSBWiiU.
      • All-Star Mode: Also called "True All-Star", the Player fights all characters in the game from old to recent, like SSB3DS.
    • Training: Here, the player can practice. Exactly the same as Training from SSB4.
  • Extra: Here, the Player can view and play unlocked bonus content:
    • In Extra Game Modes, the Player can play additional game modes that first have to be unlocked:
      • 1P Game from SSB returns, with some changes.
      • Stadion: Several games can be played from here:
        • Target Test from SSB, SSBM and SSBB returns.
        • Target Blast from SSB4 returns.
        • Home-Run Contest returns unchanged.
        • Board the Platforms from SSB returns. The music that plays is the Target Test music from the FLASH game Super Smash Flash.
    • Vault: The Vault from SSBM, SSBB and SSB4 combined.
    • Stage Builder
  • Super Smash: The Player can choose either:
    • Smash Run from SSB3DS
    • Smash Tour from SSB4WiiU
    • Tower of Smash
  • Quests:
    • Missions and Event-Matches (as well Co-Op Event Matches) return.
    • Adventure Mode from Melee returns, but extremely changed.
    • Story Mode plays similarly to Brawl's Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emmisary, but is a little different.
  • Options


  • This is the first and so far only Super Smash Bros-related game to be released for non-Nintendo consoles as well.

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