SMG4: You know, Mario? This has actually been a hard day!

Mario: Even though you've been burned in the butt by a flaming Wiggler!

Little Flashback

SMG4: ERMAGAUD! *Running away from a wiggler on fire*

Wiggler: I will burn you, insolent marshal!

  • Flashback ends before Wiggler burns SMG4's butt*

Back In Castle

SMG4: Please don't remind me, Mario.

Mario: Ok. Too soon. Right?

SMG4: No. At the most unpleasant moment. WHILE I WAS WATCHING FOOTBALL!

  • Football ends*

SMG4: Now look what you did!

Mario: Ok, stroppy! *Trollface*

Cuts To A Cave

??: Who are these?

Rock Monster: I don't know!

??: Lets find out! *Throws down a load of robotic skeletons down from the sky*

Outside Of Castle

Robotic Skeletons: *Turn into androids*

Androids: *Turn into cyborg versions of the castle residents

Cyborg Toad: Search and destroy.

Cyborg Luigi: Search and destroy.

Cyborg Peach: Search and destroy.

Cyborg Yoshi: Search and destroy.

Cyborgs: *All look at each other* DESTROY!

Cyborg Peach: *Rips of Cyborg Luigi's left arm*

Cyborg Yoshi: *Uppercuts Cyborg Peach*

Cyborg Luigi: *Uses his right arm to uppercut Cyborg Yoshi*

All Cyborgs *Except for Cyborg Toad*: All kill each other*

Cyborg Toad: That figures out well. *Explodes*

Back At The Cave

??: That didn't work out.

Rock Monster: We need another Cyborg!

??: Of who?

  • Awkward silence for 2 seconds*

Rock Monster: I know!

  • Throws out a robotic skeleton resembeling Cyrus from Pokémon*

Back Outside Castle


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