-TheSup is a major character and the main antagonist of the Crash Kandicoot Season 2 Finale. His look is similar to ThaSheetMon.

He has 3 forms, Toxic Form, Fairy Form, and Giant Form.

Toxic Form


TheSup transforms in a toxic rain, which probably makes people tired, and weak. CK implies: "How am i going to fight against liquid?", but the ways to stop this form are:

-If TheSup uses a major power.

-If he uses it for too long.

Fairy Form

TheSup transforms into a 'energy ball', and is seemingly more powerful. It's the first form he uses in the first battle, and its colors are from TheSup's colors. The ways to stop it are:

-If he uses it for too long.

-If hitting it too much, it might explode and cause high damage for TheSup.

Giant Form

TheSup becomes higher than normal, and his attacks seems to be stronger. He also uses a shield while in this form, called Super Shield. the way to stop this form is:

-Must have at least 3 Super Powers.

The Giant Form is the only form not repeled if TheSup uses it for too long.


TheSup made a cameo in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame in SMGDJ's Boutique, being a costumer. In Crash Kandicoot, he's a boss in the Story Mode.

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