TheThomas5252 is a Youtuber and head admin of all fanon bloopers. He likes Thomas The Tank Engine and Shy Guys.

He appears in a plenty of bloopers.


TheThomas5252 in Shy Guy form

Clone Doppleganger- TheThomas6363

Star World Counterpart- TheStarmas5252

Ztar World Counterpart- TheZtarmas5252

Fourth Dimension Counterpart- TheFourmas4242

Crown World Counterpart- TheFivemas5252

Sixth Dimension Counterpart- TheSixmas6262

Likes- YetiTheAwesomeGuy, Withersoul235, This Wiki, SuperMarioGlitchy4, MarioMario54321, MarioFan7070, Star Spirits, Thomas The Tank Engine, Shy Guys

Dislikes- TheThomas6363, TheZtarmas5252, EmigaRaptor, Emigasfist3, Wiki Vandalizers, All Dopplegangers and Evil Clones, Bowser, Kammy Koopa, SuperMarioGlitchy3


  • He has the ability to turn into any character. However, he usually only appears as a Shy Guy.
  • Shy Guy and TheThomas5252 once had a battle before.