Old screenshot of Golden Warrior

Not to be confused to Golden.

The Golden Warrior is a villain similar to Metal Mario, except he's in a yellow/golden color. He's he strongest villain in CK's bloopers, only losing to Smash Kandicoot. He, similar to Metal Mario, cannot be hit, and falling from super-high places won't get him hurt, dealing with him is very unlikely, and chances are he has a power level similar to DragonSoul532 , Golden , Trash Kandicoot , Starman3 , MarioMario54321 , Mario all togheter. Which means, he can teleport, punch in high speed, turn things into gold (Literally) and all the powers the following characters have.

Despite being seemingly invincible, the only way to defeat him is if all of the characters Dragonsoul532, Golden, Trash, Starman3, MM54321 and Mario join togheter to defeat him. If a single one is not present, Golden Warrior will very likely win. He can be even more powerful than SSenmodnar.

Another way to defeat him is if Smash Kandicoot fights him. He, alone can defeat Golden Warrior easily.

These are the only ways to defeat Golden Warrior.


  • His history is unknown.
  • He's the (second) most powerful villain in the series, but not the primary antagonist.

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