The Grand Finale is the last episode of season 2 (CK) from his bloopers. In the video, someone makes a deal with mario, and the next day, mario pretends to kill everyone. Except that someone isn't in the castle...And he's the only that can save them. But, the castle is almost entirely destroyed. Later, he discovers who's the one behind this.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers Special- The Grand Finale11:25

Super Mario 64 Bloopers Special- The Grand Finale




Crash Kandicoot


Mario Blight ( Didn't appear ever since the first season )

6ixxii (First appearence)



Cop (First appearence)



  • This is the first video CK puts a remix he made himself.
  • In the scene CK fights with the villain, it was originally supposed to various people to fight with ???, because his size is way too big. If this was considered, the battle would faster.
  • This video people can have a idea of how many seasons there will be, ( since in the end of every season, CK gets 1 Super Power, And there's 5 of them, that means there could be 5 seasons, and the 5th would be last.)
  • This is the first video which there's a GSF against someone much bigger than the opponent.
  • At the end, the evil 'soul' that possesed mario possibly left.

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