The Herobrine Strikes Back is an upcoming blooper of Season 3. It's about Herobrine getting his revenge on Mario Sexy the Plumber and Luke Lerdwichagul and the others,



  • The title is a reference to Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back.
    • It may also be a reference to Super Mario Sunshine where the fifth episode of Bianco Hills was titled "Petey Piranha Strikes Back".
  • This will mark Herobrine's first appearance in the SM64 (fanon) bloopers series.
  • He also appeared in the SMG4 blooper, Herobrine.
  • Deleted Scene: There was to be a scene where Wario and Waluigi were teasing on Mario and SuperMarioGlitchy4 for not stopping Herobrine on their first try. This was cut for unknown reasons.
    • However, that didn't stop them from appearing. Instead, they're seen in the castle background playing checkers.
  • References to The Lost Gems and Super Mario Attorney are made.