In this episode, A Kid as Yellow Kirby with a Blue Mario Hat becomes friend with Mario and builds a Treehouse near the castle but encounters a few problems.


(music: Chris: "what a beatiful morning! yet im still looking for a place to plant my treehouse." he walks around until he comes across a spaghetti shop while mario is being robbed. (music: mario:"NO!, the spaghetti is mine!" he says, chris:"oh no! The poor spaghetti will be robbed!" "NOT YET" he screams, he gets a underwear and prepares to shoot it,"BY THE POWER OF UNDERPANTS!" he launches the underwear at the robber's face (which is shady)."OW! I never knew underwear were so strong!" "Im outta here!" mario looks at chris,"wat" chris replies:"uh, sir I was saving your life." mario:"ok time to go home" but chris says:"wait sir may i go as well?" mario replies"ok but do not eat all the spag ok?" so they drive off and chris plants his treehouse near the castle (music: chris enters his treehouse and looks at his supa-yummy-food list and orders them by the computer and sausage rolls just fall through the roof. (later that night...) (music is silent now) chris hear some metal footsteps outside "mario?" mario replies:"YES?!" "I think i heard a robot" but mario says "meh, just the spaghetti fanbase." suddenly the footsteps get louder,louder and louder. Suddenly mario hears it as well and says "ok, I take that back." suddenly the shady guy appears in a robot,"I AM TIPPY TINKLETROUSERS!" Tippy says,"and iv'e come to get my revenge on chris!" "SAY WHAT?!" chris screams,"aha! there you are!" tippy says evily,"who's laughing now?" but chris says "you are still very laughable" with a happy expression "SHUT UP!" tippy says quickly as he grabs smg4, luigi and mario, smg4 says "what the heck is going on?" chris says"oh who are you? my principal after he gets water on the head?" (music: "what should i do? thinks chris as he runs, suddenly a memory of when he threw a underwear at tippy when trying to steal mario's spaghetti, suddenly kirby jumps out of the window and says "never substimate thepower of underpants!" suddenly a magical explosion happens and chris gets super powers (music: he launches a bunch of underwears in tippy's face then proceeds to punch him hyperactively,suddenly tippy's robot gets destroyed and, to chris's surprise, he sees he read captain underpants and the perilous plan of professor poopypants.


  • Tippy Tinkletrousers is from the captain underpants series
  • Chris is a fan of captain underpants
  • Chris' science teacher (tippy tinkletrousers) gets revenge on him because he always messed up his lessons.
  • Chris makes a comic book spelled incorrectly called Soopa mario 64 bloopers: the spagetti monster.