The Operator is the main antagonist of the seventh and last season of Super Mario 64 Bloopers. The Operator is an evil black mass with yellow eyes and green arms, which he can turn in rifles and hammers. After the show was cancelled, The Operator was created by YouTube to make sure everything would go well with the cast. The Operator, though, manipulated the world without YouTube knowing, and his masterplan was to completely destroy existence, by collecting the Five Gems of Harmony to effectively freeze time, and ultimately create a black hole to quash the entire universe. He was stopped in his tracks, though, by Mario, with help from other video game stars, who used the Gems of Harmony to evaporate him. 


The Operator is a cold, sadistic, unrelenting and graceless killer who wants nothing more but destroy the timeline, erasing everything from existence. The Operator murders everyone who stands in his way, and feels no mercy, feelings or emotions. He goes expressively rude and uncharitable in his work, but on the other hand, he's also much of a coward:

  • Instead of personally fighting Bowser Jr., he blinds him with a flashing light, then blasts him down from behind.
  • Instead of personally setting everything right, he manipulates his troops to do all the work, while he himself stays out of reach.
  • Every time someone apparoaches him for a fight, he teleports away.
  • The Operator shapeshifts to a sheep whenever someone is about to notice him, and only reverts back to normal when they turn their back on him.


  • It is revealed the Operator knew someone named "Mercury" in the series finale, as he swears vengeance against him.

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