This is the novel edition of The Secret of the Sapphire Door.

Differences between the book and the movie

  • A deleted scene from the movie is where PhotoSwap899 throws a knife at a Teletubby to kill it. This scene is in the book, but instead of a knife, PS899 throws a dumbbell.
  • Mario makes a remark on how "Teletubbies are so annoying that you just want to shove them in a toaster" in the book during the Teletubby fight sequence. In the movie, Luigi says this, but he is cut off when he mentions 'toast.'
  • In the book, the gang helps Suzanne guard the Neon Diamond, but they are interrupted by a horde of Teletubbies. In the movie, Alex stands alone, but during the fight sequence, her friends leap out and ambush the Teletubbies.
  • In the movie, SMG3, Bowser, and Kammy Koopa storm Star Haven to steal the Star Rod, the Star Spirits are frozen by one of Kammy's spells, but it has worn off by the time the gang gets there. In the book, they turn into stone, and must be revived with the Blue Indian Rose.
    • Oddly enough, the original plan was to have what happens in the book happen in the movie, but this was cut because it was too time-consuming.

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