The Shy Guy Jaeger

The Shy Guy Jaeger

The Shy Guy Jaeger is a character appearing in Abashed Huntsman, where he roped up Shy Guy .


The Shy Guy Jaeger captured Shy Guy while the latter was fishing. He strapped Shy Guy against a tree, swearing that he now has "loot" and "booty". Then Musthasto, who was trolling, saw the Shy Guy Jaeger. The Shy Guy Jaeger, claiming that "all evidence must be scrapped", tries to numb and capture Musthasto. After a long chase, The Shy Guy Jaeger, along with Sergeant Guy and General Guy, orbed Musthasto, but then Mario appeared and freed Shy Guy. Shy Guy smashes a Toaster on the hunter's head and attacked General Guy and Sergeant Guy. All three fled, with The Shy Guy Jaeger claiming that "he won't be safe any longer" and ran away.

Moral Event Horizon

  1. In Abashed Huntsman, he draws a house, with Shy Guy in it, being on fire. He then wishes it was real.
  2. In that same episode, he revealed he killed 6 Koopa Troopa tots, then laughs.
  3. With a barreled shotgun, he tries to shoot a constable, then misses and becomes furious. He then decides to shoot Shy Guy as punishment for the constable avoiding it.


  • The Shy Guy Jaeger is to date the only character in the bloopers to be seen with a barreled shotgun.
  • Strangely, The Shy Guy Jaeger is also a Shy Guy himself, meaning that he hunts his own species.