The Super Mario 64 Halloween Special: The Phantom Pumpkin is an episode from the SM64 Bloopers' tenth season. It aired on October 31st - fitting, as it is a Halloween episode. It's a special, lasting 25 minutes longer than most other episodes.


Every year, on Halloween night, a mysterious ghost rises from the pumpkin patch and causes strange things to happen wherever it goes. Every year, it wanders aimlessly, flying around with no purpose to fulfill. Every year, it is there, flying around the Mushroom Kingdom, seeking, ever seeking. But what is it that this ghost seeks?

Mario, Luigi, SMG4, and Toad set off to find out. But what they find will surprise them.


Coming soon.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • SMG4
  • Toad
  • The Phantom Pumpkin (Iris Lakewell)

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