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Mario: (singing) Thriller

Thriller night

And no one's gonna save you

From the beast about to strike

You know it's thriller

Thriller night

SMG4: Dude, shut up! What's so special about that stupid Halloween song? It's not even Halloween yet!

Mario: Then why is the place decorated for Halloween?

SMG4: What are you talking abou- (sees Halloween decorations) OH MY GO- WHAT THE SHELL?

(intro plays)

Inside Castle

SMG4: (holds Inkzooka from Splatoon) (looks at the castle's residents) If I don't get answers on who decorated this or why it looks like this, I will fire this bazooka!

Residents: I know nothing!/Let me leave!/I'll call the cops!/No, please, don't!


???: Because it's Spooooooooooky Day...the day where you can earn your Scare Pins by scoring candy spiiiiiiiiiders...

SMG4: Who said that?

???: I am Sharuuuuuuuuka...the owner of Decalburg Haunted Hooooooooouse...

SMG4: Well, Sharuka, how would I get candy spiders?

Sharuka: Scaaaaaaaare...or head to my haunted hoooooooouse...and if you make it to the ennnnnnnnnnnd...I will give you free candy spiiiiiiiiiiders...

SMG4: Why would I fall for a scam like that?

ToyTim3: (pokes head on-screen) Hey, I got two Scare Pins!


At Decalburg Haunted House

Mario: Anyone else think we're wandering into a trap?

SMG4 Shut up, Mario! Sharuka has candy spiders! And I. WANT. CANDY SPIDERS.

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