Trash, performing a ground kick

Trash Kandicoot is Crash Kandicoot's doppleganger and the secondary antagonist of Crash Kandicoot's bloopers. He is friends with Neo Kortex and helped his evil plans a lot of times. He first appeared in 'Christmas special' in which he was helping Kortex to destroy the castle, But kortex instead joins the party, and its up to Trash kandicoot to shoot CK with a rifle. After shooting him, every single people that was in the castle left, except for RoxasiaMario and Neo Kortex. Later, Neo kortex punched him and he said the following line:

"...Or i won't be called Trash!"

Everybody starts laughing, and a whomp falls and smash Trash Kandicoot. He is also the main antagonist in the last blooper of season 2.

His appearence is like Crash Kandicoot but with reverted colors, much like almost every doppleganger.

Moral Event Horizon

  • Trash once tried to destroy the planet and replace it with a planet where everyone is under his control in the afterworld in the upcoming Season 5 episode Doomsday.
  • In that same episode, he once tried to destroy the building that Mario is in. When this fails, he snaps and decides to destroy the entire universe to stop life forever (which fails).


  • Trash has currently appeared in every SM64B game to date:
    • In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Videogame, he can be found in SMGDJ's Boutique. The player can trade with Poison Mushrooms (which can only be collected without killing the player with the rare Statue Leafs) to get rare Info Cards. Trash plays no role in the storyline.
    • In The SM64 Bloopers videogame: SMG3's back, he appears in the background of castles; if the player plays as Shy Guy, MM54321 or SM3, he throws Big Amps and Bowser Amps to the Player's Character; when playing as someone else, he does nothing.
    • In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Double Kart, he prepares Goomboss to knock the racers to the side.
    • Glitchy's Adventure marks the first time Trash appears in a Role-Playing Game. He makes a cameo in the intro sequence.
    • He appears on New Super Mario Bros. X's boxart and makes a cameo on a TV screen.
    • Lastly, in Crash Kandicoot, he appears as a boss and the tertiary antagonist.