Here, getting badges seems hard, but all you need to do is check some of the badges you can earn.

At your profile, you'll see a bar showing your rank in the wiki, (SM64BF) and below there are badges you can earn. for example:


Post a message at someone else page. (0/1)


Yes, it's very easy to do so. but sometimes you'll see some like that:


make 250 edits on articles (0/250)


Yes, that's VERY hard. but i have made 100 edits on articicles, and is pretty easy.

TheThomas is in the 1st place in the ranking, Because he likes the wiki and create fanon characters for fun. Make fanon characters. earn badges. That's all. Oh, look at that:

Old Man Hobo Achievement

That's a golden badge

This badge is golden. It gives you various points. >>>>>>


That's a silver badge

This is a silver badge. It gives you some points. >>>>>>


That's a badge

This is a bronze badge, it gives you few points. >>>>>>

The super-rare plantinum badge gives you more like 300 points. Badge-love-6

You earn it by editing the wiki for 1 year (365 days).

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