​​Yayazura7762  is a SM64 video maker from Malaysia. He likes to make some SM64 bloopers and some SM64 music video. He started making sm64 video at January, 6 2013 with his first blooper, Jump to the top castle! (January, 21 2014) then make more sm64 bloopers until now. However he was kinda lazy making sm64 video due running out of ideas. He was first Malaysian Super Mario 64 Video Maker in his own country. He also can make some awesome icon by using PhotoShop CS6 like the action avatar.


  • Musthasto (even his account now was a dead account)
  • SuperMarioBros99thx (now he was active make gameplay videos)
  • KerryShenSA 
  • Presstartoplay (now retired from making SM64 videos)
  • Spiker172
  • Qistina Auni 
  • Geofcraze634
  • CaptainShcabula
  • Dollarluigi
  • supermarioglitchy12
  • Crash Kandicoot


  • He has his own cousin named Amad7763. Like Yayazura7762, he also makes some videos but unlike his cousin, he doesn't have computer to make videos. He only makes video on his mobile.
  • In his Youtube account, he use the name 'Ibnu Zamri (Yayazura7762)'. Ibnu Zamri was an Islamic name, meaning in Arabic, a son of Zamri (Yayazura7762's father name). His REAL name was Muhammad Irham Mustaqim ibn Zamri. His longest name was Muhammad Irham Mustaqim ibn Zamri ibn Awang Ahmad ibn Mat Isa.
  • In middle 2013, he was become anti brony and hating MLP - F.I.M. However in December 2014, he was no longer hating MLP due tired against MLP and bronies.
New icon again

His SM64 version and his pony version.

  • His username (Yayazura7762) was supposed named Irham7762 but since many people called him Yayazura7762, he was removed his original name with his current username. However his original name is still in use on his deviantArt account.
Yayazura7762's current icon
Current Age 15, born August 1, 1999
Gender Male
Species Human
Living Town Lives in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Current Status(es) Active
Affiliation(s) YouTube